A Glorious Ride

Tony McLellan - Author

began his business career at age 15, managing
the family sheep station when his father died.
Moving to the city to study, he graduated summa cum laude,
and then spent half his working life abroad.

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A Glorious Ride

Nick Cater - Co-Writer

writer and media commentator on political and cultural affairs.
Born and educated in the United Kingdom, he has been a
proud Australian citizen for 30 years.

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A must read for discerning and aspiring leaders. The secrets of Tony's dynamic leadership unfold and blend into a mystery of his intimacy with Jesus, culminating in a life of service to a hurting world.

David Bussau - Founder of Opportunity International and Senior Australian of the Year

John Howard AC, OM

These memoirs capture the personal experiences and lessons learnt from leadership across a wide range of business and not-for-profit activities here and overseas. But as important, are those nuggets of advice and example that only a few experience, by observing closely, and through meeting those prominent leaders at the very heart of the business and political world.

Well worth the read,
Tony McLellan's fascinating and inspirational story is as exceptional as the man himself. From the Australian bush to some of the great and palatial places in the world, and from sorrow to faith, this is a story not to miss.

John Anderson - Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
A Glorious Ride

A Glorious Ride

is an antidote for the dismal secularism of our times and a rallying cry against despair.

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You will cry, laugh out loud, shout in the victories and commiserate in the low times. You will come face to face with greatness. God's trust in Tony and Tony's overflowing gratefulness to his Creator shine through.

Dr Sam Chand
After several midlife crises, both personal and professional, Tony became a committed Christian and thereafter devoted an enormous amount of time and money to supporting and running various Christian organisations around the world. His takeaway is that it is the striving for success that leads to the top.

Hon Richard Alston
Christian leadership is a skill we must continually feed. This book tells of one man's lifetime of practical leadership experiences both successes and learning experiences. It is full of good healthy food and therefore incumbent on us all to read this book and learn.

Phillip Cave Chairman Excelsia College, Sydney
Inspirational, motivational, spiritually anointed. Walking with Tony McLellan as he describes life's important truths compels one to seek to make a difference with the talents one has been given by God. Read this with a pen in your hand.

Archbishop Foley Beach